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Event Advertising

Design for a Spring 2022 college art show.

In creating this design, I wanted something that would evoke springtime fun and get people interested in attending this exhibition. I designed the posters, postcards, and award certificates. The illustration depicts two personas at the exhibit viewing a sculpture of COVID-19 - this is an acknowledgment of the historical pandemic that impacted many of our lives, but is now something to observe - something to learn from.

Branding and Advertising

This branding design and the advertisements were created for the fictional company prompt: Mountain Goat Outfitters

I envisioned an ethical company that promotes environmental consciousness and healthy habits - understanding the balance between our physical and mental states and promoting the two through activities that realign us with nature, such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing. This company invests in recycled material and the reconstruction of forests. For every purchase, a tree is planted! With a meaningful brand incentive, I designed the logo to portray a mountain goat with anthropomorphic qualities - appealing to humans through its playful expression for peace, while the advertisements evoke the vibrancy of nature and call for the viewer to reach their potential.

Travel Brochure

A demonstration brochure for a tourist town - Aspen, Colorado.

Created for the people who have disposable income, this brochure contains a plethora of vibrant pictures that embody the nature and extravagance of Aspen. This brochure features an aspen leaf die-cut design for the cover, and an elegant logo to match.

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